Today I have a treat for you! My very first ever Guest Strip! Guest strips are awesome for 3 reasons:

1) The readers get to learn about another comic artist.
2) The guest comic artist gets some new traffic
3) The original artist (moi) gets a little break!

Today’s strip was provided by the very talented “Me!” of Prematurely Disappointed. Me! has been a fan of Imy for a while, I’m sure you recognize him from the comments. I am truly honored that he would do a guest strip for me, and I absolutely love it! The angry candy mob has had me cracking up ever since he sent me the preview last night! “I have a pointy thing!” is going to be my new threat. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have. And please go and stop by Prematurely Disappointed and give it a read. It’s a funny comic about a single, sarcastic 20-something girl named Cassie that’s I’ve had on my “favs” list for a while. And it doesn’t get anywhere near the attention it should. And you really should get a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) sit and start at the beginning.

Thank you SO MUCH, ME! You’ve made my day!