Today I present you with guest strip for your enjoyment! (and it couldn’t come at a better time for me. I’ll explain on Thursday!)

I love love love this strip especially since I recently realized that the “younger generation” (woah, am I really saying that?) is too young to remember the GREAT bands of my early teens. (Not to say I don’t LOVE Foo Fighters – Because, OH, I DO!) Reminds me of a story someone an old friend told me a few years back. He was driving his little brother somewhere and Pearl Jam’s “Alive” came on the radio, and his little brother said “hey! This guy sounds just like the guy from ‘Creed!'” Um, yeah… Let’s all just take a moment here… cringe.


The artist of this strip is the very talented Thomas Overbeck of Times Like This, a comic about time travel! It’s extremely funny and very well drawn (as if you couldn’t already see that from the guest strip!). Go check it out, then check out one of my fav installments, and then take out some time to sit back, chill and start from the beginning! And please make sure you say “hello” while you’re there, and tell him how awesome he is!

Thank you so much for doing this Thomas! (as I’ve already said about fifty times… 😉 )