My fantastic hubby convinced me not to turn in my laptop just yet, and instead go buy an adapter for the hard drive so we can back it up first. I was scared, but he was convincing enough and I thought it would be good for my sanity if I new everything was safe before the holiday weekend. Besides, this computer stuff is what he does. We both may have been in the same major, and taken the same classes in college, but he actually paid attention and was interested in it (instead of paying attention I was designing my next website n my head).

Anyway, I bought this adapter thingamabob and he was able to copy everything over to his hard drives. I am SO relieved. Bored as all get out, but relieved. So I still don’t have my computer, of course. We won’t be able to turn it in until Tuesday because of the holiday. Then we’ll see how much it costs, and if it’s just best to get a new laptop (I really don’t want to though, I love my baby!).

Quick question: Anyone use Vista? How is it? I am a hardcore XP fan and do NOT want to leave it. But if I have to get a new computer, I may have to get Vista. How is compatibility? Am I going to be bugged to death by it? I heard long ago that it doesn’t leave you alone…

So anyway, still no updates in comics until this all gets fixed. Either way, I’ll either have my computer fixed by the end of next week, or I’ll have a new one. Cross your fingers (or hold your thumbs if you’re here in Sweden…) for me that I don’t have to buy a new one!!!