When I first started with Imy, it was just to see if I could do it. For a long time I had wanted to have my own comic strip, but I never thought I had it in me. I was often told I should stat one, especially considering my drawing style, but I always replied with “I’m just not witty enough.”

Well, one day I finally got up enough nerve, and ideas, to give it a go. And my goal was to do 5 strips. Just 5 and see what happens. One whirlwind and 7 months later, here I am at strip #50 (which, if you don’t see yet, will be posted at midnight Swedish time). I’m in shock. I can’t believe I made it this far. And, somehow, in this time, I have managed to capture some fans. Ridiculous. I never thought I could do it.

While on the subject of fans I just want to say… THANK YOU. For those of you who continue to come back every Monday and Thursday (or more), even if you don’t comment, just… THANK YOU. This wouldn’t be up here if it wasn’t for that I wanted people to read it and like it. I create the strip for me, but that fact that so many people seem to enjoy it as much as I do is what keeps me going from week to week.

And a special thank you to those who have sent me the most wonderful emails and messages. Those people who have the faith and confidence in me that I sometimes lose my grip on, and who urge me to continue and grow and learn from my mistakes. You know who you are of course. You’ve made my day on more than one occasion.

Of all my little “side projects,” that I’ve done, I am most proud of this one. I am so happy that 7 months ago I decided to stop everything else and just focus on this comic. It has become much more than just a side hobby. This strip has become very important to me.

So to celebrate the big 5-0 strip, I’ve decided to give Imy a gift. A domain of her own, just for the strip. And with it came a bit of a redesign. The basics of the design I had before are still there, but now much more colorful (that gray was really starting to bum me out), and a much more lively header.

I’ve also added some goodies! You’ll see the menu at the top of the sidebar there. I’ve spent a bit of this weekend creating those three wallpapers there which you can use on your desktop computer or iPhone/iPod touch. I am currently using the mermaid one myself 😉

So there you have it! Please change you links and update your feeds. Unfortunately, I have to start all over again with StumbleUpon, but it’s well worth it to have my own page. I hope you like the new place. I am really very excited about it!

Champagne glasses all around! Here’s to another 50!