We are going to see KISS in concert tomorrow night. This evening a few of the guys were doing a signing which we went to. I fully planned to go to the signing, come home and do today’s strip. But we ended up meeting a pretty cool guy in line and spent the rest of the evening hanging out with him. And soon it’s bed time. So it was a sacrifice, but it’s all in the name of music!

So even though tomorrow I have the concert, I plan on doing the comic tomorrow instead. If I run out of time you can be ABSOLUTELY sure it’ll be up on Saturday. I REALLY hate to do it, especially after having canceled last week’s Thursday strip for Eurovision. But this is what I get for not preparing beforehand. It’s my own fault. And I’m NOT canceling the Thursday strip this week. Just delaying it.

I really have to give myself some time one week this summer to create a buffer and keep this from happening.

I’m so so so so sorry. And, as always, I really appreciate your understanding and patience!