Soon after I came home from Barcelona I found a surprise in my inbox. My very first piece of Fan Art! I am honored and grateful that anyone would want to sit down and draw their own version of the Imy crew! This one was created by Aaron Lewis of Tbowl. Aaron is a big Imy fan and he never hesitates to leave a comment. He even promoted my comic on a weekly radio show he is a part of once and did a great job of relaying how funny he thought Imy was.

So here we go. This is Imy as a Paladin, which is what Aaron’s comic is all about. (I wasn’t quite sure what a Paladin was so I googled it and here ya go!) I LOVE taht he added the “ROCK” on her chest!

Imy the Paladin

Thank you so much Aaron!

Later today, I will be creating a fan art page where I post all of the fan art I recieve.

Are you interested in doing a fan art piece for Imy? Whatever your artistic ability is, everyone is welcome to do so! Fan art is fan art. It’s ALWAYS appreciated and I’d love to receive some! You can send fan art at any time to irma(AT)