So within the past year I’ve had the great fortune to get my hands on some kickass original art from some of my FAVORITE webcartoonists. I finally got my butt in gear and bought frames for them all and started my ‘Wall of Fame.’ Is there anything cooler than a wall of original art my some great cartoonists? I DUNT TINK SO. So here’s a (bad) pic:

Wall O Fame

Clockwise starting from top-left:
1 – A Cock’n’Bull original art I won during a contest during a live stream by creator Arnie Dunnel where I had to guess what Cock’s drug of choice was.
2 – An original strip art I won during a contest for Lucas Turnbloom’s Imagine This, where I had to guess where Dewey would end up landing in his Great Adventure.
3 – A little original art artists card I received for purchasing Tom Dell’Aringa’s Marooned ashcan. och one of my fav robots, ASIMOV
4 – An original strip that I bought from Mike Witmer of Pinkerton. I bought it for 3 reasons- 1, I NEEDED a Pinkerton original art, 2, it was one of his very few hand-lettered strips, and 3, it mentions JERSEY! It insults Jersey of course, but mentions it nonetheless!

And so my collection grows! You’ll notice most of those were free, which would explain how I was able to get my hands on them. If I had more cash you better believe that wall would be FILLED. But, alas, I’ll have to make my way through it slowly. In any case, it’s definitely very cool as is!