I already mentioned this on a comic post and in twitter and on fb, but I thought I’d write a quick post about it.

Imy has been graciously nominated in the “Best Character” category. It made my day to read the email that notified me about it earlier this week!

What really makes me smile is that when people went to write their nominations and, out of all the comics they read, my comic came to their minds first. Even more so that Imy herself stands out enough as a character on her own that there are people that feel that she is worthy of this category. Especially since I had no idea they were even taking nominations, and I never posted on the site promoting or suggesting it. You guys went and wrote her in as a nomination on your own. That blows me away.

Thank you SO MUCH for those nominations. I can have my ups and downs with the comic, worrying that what I’m aiming for isn’t coming across to you guys, but this really helps my confidence and it’s inspiring.


Read all of the nominees here.