Here we go! NYCC is only FIVE DAYS AWAY! SO it’s about time I give you my info so you know where and when to find me!

So let’s go….

Javits Convention Center, NYC, NY, USA, Planet Earth, Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha… If you hit Betelgeuse, you’ve gone to far.

I’ll be at table P5 in Artist’s Alley. I’ll be sitting with the folks over at Webcomics Alliance, and sharing my table with Antoine Gagnon of Drunken Fools. The other WA people are Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert & Fred and Ken Drab of Rick the Stick who’ll be at table P6 right next to us!

Here is a map with my table marked on it. The cool thing is that if you go into the NYCC website and look up the interactive map, you can actually put my name in the search and find me! So cool! But, anyway, click the image below to see it in full size.


NYCC weekend: October 13-16. I’ll be there Friday, Saturday & Sunday during public hours. I won’t be doing the preview day on Thursday. I can’t be more specific than that really. A few things though: I may be late to my table, or I may have to leave a little early on any of these days. I’m not saying I will be, I’m just saying it’s a possibility. So if you really plan on coming to my table, try to come in the earlier to mid portion of those days. If I’m not there, just ask Antoine, Dawn or Ken and they’ll tell you when I’ll be back. Or I’ll put up a sign about it on my part of the table.

If you’re coming to see me, drop me a line here, or in email or on FB or twitter and let me know around when you think you’ll make it.

But the plan is to be there as much as possible during all open hours.

The most important items at my table are going to be Imy Vol 1.0 & the NEW Imy Vol 2.0 (You can buy yours now over HERE if you’re not going to NYCC).

I’ll also have with me a bunch of the stuff I’m selling over at the Etsy shop, including the buttons. And I’ll have bookmarks to give away.

ALSO: Sharing a part of my table will be Tom Racine of Tall Tale Radio and GeekPapas selling his hilarious BookSmarts book and possibly some other goodies!


I think that pretty much covers it. I really hope to see a bunch of you there! I’m so excited! And if you dont’ know my tablemates’ work, make sure you take a look at their sites as well. They are: Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert & Fred and Ken Drab of Rick the Stick

And now I leave you with this hilarious, yet slightly disturbing, cartoon drawn by Antoine (my tablemate) of Drunken Fools. Enjoy!


See you in FIVE DAYS!