Hey guys! My loyal readers!

Just here to give you a little info on what’s going on in the next 2 months.

Most importantly, Vol 5.0 is officially done, approved, and at the printers being made into real live books! WOOHOO! The completing of this book completely took over every single waking hour I had for the past week and a half and I am now trying desperately to catch up with everything else. I have LOADS of client work that hit me all at once and that’s the stuff that pays my bills so it’s getting priority.

On top of that I have 2 jam packed months ahead of me with plans including NYCC in October (more info on that soon) and I am going to be all over the place. I could make it easy on myself and just take 2 months off of Imy but I REALLY don’t want to do that. It would mean being VERY SAD for 2 months every time I visit my site! So I won’t. However, the updates WILL be spotty. As it is, I don’t even want that. I want to be able to hit every single update. But I can see it won’t happen. I have deadlines that I can’t ignore. I can’t say which days I’ll be able to update and which days I’ll have to skip. We’ll just all go with the flow together here. 🙂

Everything will return to normal in the beginning of November and, in addition to that, I can start talking about possible plans for MCM in LONDON! But we’ll get to that when I can.

I hope my readers can understand the upcoming spotty schedule (that’s sort of already started this past week). Imy is a labor of love and I still love doing it as much as I have from the beginning (actually… even more now), but some times you remember you should probably be able to eat and put a roof over your head and that’s going to take away a little bit of focus from time to time. 😉