Monday’s comments have been responded to 🙂

Keep your eyes out for the following things to be posted on here over the next few days.

1) I’m updating the Halloween wallpaper and including an iPad version that should work fine with the screen rotation (I’m not lucky enough to have an iPad to test it out 😉 ). I expect to finish all of that later tonight or tomorrow and post it.

2) NYCC updates!! I’m going to be writing a new post soon with all my NYCC info. I have a little more of an idea of what my situation is there now. Nothing is really different from what I posted before, but an updated post will explain everything – good for you to read if you plan on stopping by.

3) I got a very nice review + fan art + interview. I’m going to post the fan art with links to that tomorrow!

I think that’s all for now. To make sure you get updates when I post these things…

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It’s less than a week now until my trip and I am flipping out I’m so excited! And I got news that a few other things I was waiting for to have with me at NYCC have arrived as well, so I’m set to go. I can’t wait!