Stay tuned during the week for a fun little drawing I drew of Imy. Just for the heck of it… I’ll probably post it tomorrow (tuesday).

A special thanks to Aaron (AKA tbowl) for talking about how much he loves Imy on air during last week’s episode of The Webcomic Beacon. Thank you SO much. It’s highly appreciated! Edited to add: And thanks to Fes for arguing with Aaron over the air about 50 strips “not being a milestone” which resulted in more attention to my comic 😉 And also, for pointing everyone to the shower scene. 😛

Random note of the day: How nuts is it that I got a stimulus check even though I haven’t worked, lived, or paid taxes in the US for 5 years? All I had to do was file, and I got money! I won’t even be contributing it to the American economy, as is its purpose. Craziness… but I’m not complaining!