So, have I mentioned that I’m moving? Well, I am.

Anywho, David sent me this guest strip some weeks back and I saved it knowing it was going to come in handy at this time. And I SO LOVED this one! I know that this isn’t one everyone’s going to “get.” But I got it right away, because I love that band and that ALBUM in particular!

So thank you SO MUCH David!!! Everyone now go give David some love over at his comic, Comfortably Numb.

Back to the move. I’m not moving far. Just a 15 minute walk from where I am now, but the new place is AWESOME! I won’t go into the details, but I can’t wait to get there! I move in a week. ONE WEEK. GAH! So, if you’ve ever moved, you know what I’m going through right now. And also, who do two people, who don’t really buy a lot of “stuff” still end up with so much crap????