A while back I did a guest art for Barb Jacobs (my TTF sister!) of the mind-bogglingly beautiful Xylia so that she could sit back and relax and enjoy her birthday. Now, this was supposed to be so that she could CHILL for a while. But instead she turned around and worked on this beautiful piece for me as a thank you!! A simple “THANK YOU!” would have sufficed, Barb 😉 But I’m not complaining. It was just supposed to be guest art but I deemed it far too glorious to not be displayed as a guest strip instead.

Now, of course, the only downside to this is that I’ll probably never be able to post another strip without feeling incredibly unworthy of calling myself any sort of artist. But I guess I’ll take that risk 😉

Go visit Xylia and give Barb the love she deserves. Also, make sure your jaw is secured firmly in place before seeing her work for the first time. Otherwise it’ll hurt when it hits the floor.

Oh hey did you see the terribly cute fan art of Zoe that I posted in Friday? I think you missed it, so here it is.

I spent the weekend down in Gothenburg (Göteborg, if we’re going to get picky), seeing U2 in concert twice! I have been trying to see them in concert for YEARS, but have never been able to secure tickets. Somehow, we got tix to BOTH shows down there this year (even thought it was, according to Bono, the fastest selling shows on the tour). The first night we spent HOURS waiting so that we could get into the pit underneath the “claw.” (Pictures to come eventually… google it to understand what kind of a monstrosity this was). While it was cool to see the guys up close, the stage was SO tall that you couldn’t see anything from the pit, besides the one band member you were near. Also, there were bridges that led from the stage to the catwalk, OVER the pit, that blocked the view a lot of the time. And, the pit was inside the speaker radius, so the sound was weird. So, the second night we stood outside of the pit so we could see the whole stage. MUCH better. The shows were really great though, and my hubby will be writing a post with pics and videos very soon on his blog, Rock Revival.