Fan art by PBJ

Yes! Another non-Imy “Imy” fanart! 😉 This would be the second one for Zoe. How much do I love this? I love her clothes!! Definitely something a little closer to what I plan on putting her in, in the future. Way cool! Thank you so MUCH PBJ!

PBJ is the creator of I, Secretary: a webcomic about a girl, Simone, who finds herself working as a secretary for a ‘Corporation X,’ which we have yet to figure out what it is exactly (I’m extremely curious!). I have to say that I find the current storyline about Simone trying to figure out excel really funny and relative to my life. When I was a teacher, I had to teach a basic computer class where I taught excel, among other things. I was thrown into teaching this class (even though I didn’t want to) and I had NEVER used excel a DAY in my life. I had gone 4 years in college to get a BS in Computer Science and never once even had to glance at that program. So I basically learned it while I taught it my first year teaching (ex-students read my comic so they may find this funny… or scary LOL). Anyway, enough of my babbling. Go give PBJ some love!

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