Fan art by David Reddick

So how flippin’ cool is this, right? The unbelievably talented David Reddick of Legend of Bill, Gene’s Journal, Rod & Barry (and Garfield!), and who I’ve pimped plenty of times here on this site, has made little ‘ole me a fanart! Well, we’re both Tall Tale Features, so maybe I shouldn’t knock myself SO much lower than him 😉 He did a freggin’ awesome job, didn’t he? I ADORE IT!!! I’m not too sure what Jay thinks about Imy holding his guitar here though… But, jeebus, how cool is ‘Imy’ when Reddickized? I won’t be able to stop looking at this all day. Thank you SO MUCH DAVID!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Go give David some love. He’s a really cool guy, a HUGE inspiration, and I’m honored to call him my friend. 🙂

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