Fan art by Nikki

Nikki, the 12-year old daughter of a friend, sent me this fan art a while back. It got lost in my mailbox and I promised her it’d be up this week. But it’s like a curse… I can never seem to remember to post Friday fan arts on time. ARGH! But anyway, here it is. Nikki, who’s sketchblog is here, submitted a fan art, earlier in the year, of Imy. This time she’s done one of Zoe which is a crossover with the video game Kingdom Hearts! And she includes this little caption to go along with it:

Zoe looked at the strange floating weapon in awe. What is it?, she thought. “Keyblade… keyblade…” Zoe heard a voice whisper. She cautiously reached out to grab the ‘Keyblade’. Once she had touched the Keyblade, there was a blinding flash of light.

Nikki explains: “OK, about Zoe’s keyblade. The hand guard/handle was inspired by the logo on her shirt, and the shaft and blade were inspired by her love of music. As for her outfit, well, usually you upgrade the peoples outfits to be all Kingdom Hearts-ified and stuff.”

Thank you so MUCH for this, Nikki! And for putting up with my recent flakiness when it comes to posting fan arts. Keep drawing, girl!

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