Fan art by Andrea Hilland

About a month ago I spoke in my friend’s art class, in a high school here in Stockholm, about my art (mostly about “Imy”). Considering the fact that it was the last class of the day, during the last day of the week before spring break, I’m shocked anyone was paying attention to me at all! But at least one person was, and that person was Andrea – a very talented artist and sweet girl. Last week she stopped by my table at the SPX and gave me a gift int eh form of the above fan art! How cool is that? Andrea does wonderful work and you can see her art over on her Deviant Art page right HERE. Thank you so much Andrea! The fan art is perfect!!

Also, I FINALLY brought back the link for the fan art archive. You can see it over there on the right side underneath the store button. Can’t miss it! (Thank you Jeni for reminding me!).

I would LOVE to have more fan art! Are you interested in making me a fan art and being featured on Friday Fan Art? Then just read the simple rules here, and get to work!