FINALLY! A contest! Anyone can participate! And the winner gets THIS piece of original art:


Now, see that guy up there? He’s shown up twice in the comic so far (here & here). He’s had speaking parts both times, but no name. Now that Imy’s working at CafΓ© Rawk, it’s time for him to come back, because he is the OWNER of the cafΓ©. And this time he needs a name.

That’s where you come in.

Comment on this post with your choice of name. You have a limit of 3 posts/names. Depending on how many entries I’ll get, I may choose my top 5 and have you all vote for them. Otherwise, I’ll just choose my favorite and that will be the winner.

You have 1 week to submit! Submissions will close at midnight MY TIME (CET) on Thursday, June 24th.

Have fun!