Hey! Have you yet to own any of the Imy volumes? Now is you chance to get ALL 3 signed and with a sketch card, for a great price!

Each book contains 100 comic strips plus exclusive story content and guest art from other wonderful artists. And it’s all in FULL COLOR.

There is only one of these sets available, and I’m about to tell you how to get it.

This gift pack is provided as an incentive for donating to TOm Racine’s fundraiser. All you have to do is donate 50 USD to him, choose this incentive while donating, and it’s YOURS.

One note, your incentive won’t be shipped until the end of October. But it’s a great price to pay for these books, and you are the first person to be guaranteed a copy of the new Vol 3.0!

So, head on over there NOW and grab this incentive before someone else does!