First, let me just say that when I saw panel 1 in Lucas’s comic for today my jaw just dropped straight to the floor. I know that he does long shots of the apartment building in his strip from time to time. But it’s so typical that he would have a night scene with a moon shining behind it exactly the same day that I do! (But his moon kicks a helluva lot more ass than mine). I considered changing it to something else when I finished up the comic today, but decided that would have been ridiculous!

Second, just in case you missed it, I put up a fun little drawing I did of Imy in the news section.

Third, when drawing this strip I SAVED OVER the strip #52 Illustrator file. Oh yeah. I nearly started crying when I realized that there MUST be a way to get those vectors BACK from the Photoshop file (I draw everything in illustrator, but then assemble the strip in PS). And fortunately, thanks to the “Smart Vector Object” feature in Photoshop, and the fact that I actually use it, I got all my drawings for #52 back. I do not want to relive that experience ever again!

Fourth, tomorrow Aerosmith Guitar Hero comes out here in Sweden! My heart skips a beat every time I think about it! And tomorrow I will write a post on my blog to talk about my love affair with ^A^ over the years, and why they are so important to me. So don’t forget to look for that if you’re interested.

And fifth, I bet all my friends are laughing at that apartment building. *snicker* Ah… nevermind… 🙂

One more thing: This is random but I HAD to share. There is an approaching storm right now it seems, and I looked out my window and caught this! Lenticular cloud AWESOMENESS!

Now, go back and read todays’ comic if that picture just blew it out of your mind! 😀